Caring for Your New Jewelry

By May Jewelry is costume jewelry with natural stones. It is best taken care of by not sleeping in it, showering in it, swimming in it, or sweating in it. Water and metal do not like each other - I know, boring and annoying, but in order to keep your pieces looking fresher, longer, keep them out of water.

Any piece that is silver plated or sterling sliver can be cleaned using a silver wipe. You can pick these up at most grocery stores, target, walmart, etc… The wipes are super practical and easy to use. The Sterling Silver wire and chain WILL tarnish with exposure to oxygen and oil from your skin. the silver wipes will make the tarnished silver look brand new again! :)

Gold fill items can be cleaned with over the counter jewelry cleaner, but i would not submerge them. just give them a quick dip and wipe them down.

The gold tone/gold plated wire that i use for the majority of my hammered pieces should not be cleaned with any solutions. Gold is a very soft metal, and the plating will be rubbed off with force or with scouring.

It is also very common in all jewelry for jump rings to come loose. Think of them like buttons on a shirt. The more you use them, the looser they become. If you are easy on your jewelry like I am, you may not have any issues at all. If you are a handy person, a jump ring can be either replaced or reattached and closed with a set of needle nose pliers.