About By May

Hi ya'll! I am May Frederiksen, creator of By May in Nashville, Tennessee. Art is deeply ingrained into my identity as my father, mother, and several of my uncles are all artists of one kind or another. I can remember times when I would sit under my father's easel while he airbrushed or painted, or sitting with my uncle while he taught me how to hold a calligraphy pen at the age of 5. My love for ceramics began in high school where I learned my foundation at The Baylor School from Mary Lynn Portera (Chattanooga), and it continued and blossomed at Vanderbilt University under the tutelage of Susan DeMay. I currently work out of a combination of my home studio and Mud Puddle Pottery (Pegram, TN) with the guidance and expertise of Sharon Ingram. 

I began making jewelry as a creative outlet while I travelled on the professional golf circuit. This part of my craft has evolved on its own through years of searching for more beauty in "everydayness". As a mother of two young children, "everydayness" is a very real obstacle, and so through the use of healing stones and creativity, I find myself more able to be grounded and connected to what is most important in life.

Thank you for stopping by!